The meaning of the existence of coffee table

The living room is more elegant because of the existence of a coffee table, and it is also ideal to show your personality and unique style.



It is placed between the sofa and the TV, or between the sofa and the chair. In any way, it is important not to use too high or too large items to block view views.


The standard size coffee table is generally 16 to 18 inches high, sometimes 21 inches. However, if you encounter inconvenience when you clarify the accurate height of the coffee table.


It is recommended that the height difference in the middle of the sofa chair and the coffee table does not need to exceed 4 inches. Under the ideal situation, the height of the coffee table should be equivalent to the height of the sofa pad.


The coffee table is a table for people to provide leisure and entertainment. It can bring a comfortable afternoon tea time, so it is loved by many consumers.


In daily life, you can choose the appropriate coffee table according to the style of the living room and personal preferences, so that the living environment is more elegant and comfortable.

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