Bathroom sink procurement skills

Bathroom sinks are commonly used in bathrooms. You need to use your daily washing your face. Choosing a good bathroom sink product can improve the quality of life. The following articles can help you purchase a satisfactory bathroom sink product.


Bathroom sink

Bathroom sink


1. Size


There is no problem to pay attention to the length, but the width is very important. The width should be referred to the width of the cabinet counter. The standard countertop width is 55cm and 60cm. However, there are special things. The width selected by the 55cm countertop should be within 45cm. The width selected by the 60cm countertop can be installed as long as it does not exceed 50cm, but the width of the water tank selected by 50cm countertop is narrow. “The width cannot exceed 41cm. One point is very important.


2. Material


The sink is also called a kitchen box. The material should be made with steel with a labeled 304. Because the carbon content of 304 steel content is low, the steel quality is better. Ordinary pistol bullets can’t be worn. The sinks of several brands currently entering Bai’anju are selected from 304 steel, and the thickness of the sink is generally 1.0mm.


3. Surface treatment


After the sink is treated on the surface, the ability to prevent oil and pollution is greatly strengthened. The commonly -randable surface, pearl elegant silver surface, and the vortex surface have their own characteristics. Lowering accessories of the sink: The sewage pipe of the sink must choose the PVC water pipe to be better.


4. Installation


There are two types, on the stage and down the table, so there are two types of pots on the tank and the basin of the pot. Generally, they are made into the platform. , The stage style is more beautiful, giving people a refreshing feeling. It is easier to take care of the table, but the cabinet company needs to collect more processing fees at the stage. Usually, the pots on the stage can not only be made into a platform, but also make it into a platform.


5. Protecting coating at the bottom


Protective coating is added to the bottom of the sink to sound quiet and anti -cold water. The better coating is sprayed on the reverse side of the sink with a mortar. Generally, it can be used to stick to the bottom with a rubber pad, which can also have a quiet sound effect.

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