Purchasing skills of floor drain

As a member of the bathroom hardware accessories, although the floor drain is inconspicuous in modern home decoration, the role is irreplaceable. Whether the selection of the floor drain directly affects the life use in the future, so some precautions cannot be ignored regardless of whether it is purchasing a floor drain or installation of the floor drain.


floor drain

floor drain


1. Look at the function


There are generally many types of floor drain on the market, such as: ordinary floor drain, special floor drain, deodorant floor drain, etc., different types, their functions and scope of use are different. If the floor drain, if the floor drain is used to connect with the washing machine, you must choose to buy a special floor drain for washing machines.


2. Look at the material


The washing machines on the market generally have many materials, such as: PVC material, stainless steel, copper, etc. The materials are different, and their service life, price, installation method, and seal effect will be different. At present, the stainless steel floor drain is more popular. This kind of floor drain is generally not plated, and the durability and water flushing effect are also better.


If you want to save decoration costs, you can buy a more economical and affordable PVC floor drain, but after the use of this floor drain for a long time, it is easy to aging and cracking. The price of copper drain is the most expensive, but the use effect is very good and the service life is relatively long.


3. Look at the speed of water


The main purpose of the floor drain is to discharge the water. To this end, when you buy the floor drain, you also need to choose the appropriate geography based on the speed of the water pipeline. Quick floor drain, so that the ground is not prone to stagnation.


4. Look at the anti -blocking effect


If the floor drain is used to install in the bathroom, then when choosing a floor drain, we need to pay attention to the anti -blocking effect of the floor drain, because when we are bathing or washing, we will generally drop dirt and hair on the ground. If the floor drain, etc. If the pores of the mule are small, the dumplings of the floor drain will be blocked by these dirt.


Under normal circumstances, the aperture of the floor drain with better anti -blocking effect should generally be maintained between six mm and eight millimeters. Once it is greater than this pore, the dirt will flow into the sewer pipe, causing the pipeline to be blocked.

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