The advantages of constant temperature shower

Under the wave of smart home upgrades, smart bathroom products with refined functions and more unlocking comfortable experience are entering consumers’ toilets. People’s love for smart homes is also gradually growing, and constant temperature shower is one of them.



1. The advantages of constant temperature shower


(1) Higher safety. Its safety mainly comes from the constant that it can maintain the water temperature, and there will be no sudden cold and heat. It can limit the output of ultra -high temperature hot water, prevent scalding, and the setting temperature is less than 2 degrees, so it is quite used to use quite pretty good use. Safe, rest assured, comfortable and convenient, which is loved by people.


(2) better durability. Generally, the constant temperature shower adopts an embedded ceramic sealing structure, which can ensure the reliable use of ultra -high temperature hot water above 90 degrees. It has no cold water flow limit device and is not restricted by the environmental environment of the water supply pressure. It is necessary to debug, so during the use process, it saves repeated adjustment of the water temperature, and the natural constant temperature shower is more durable.


(3) better energy saving. Because it can ensure the constant water temperature during the use process, the water temperature setting is set at a time, and repeated use does not require frequent debugging. Therefore, it can save the amount of water wasted during water temperature debugging. When it is turned on, it may take a long time after cold water, and its water temperature will become hot, so the constant temperature shower is quite energy -saving and water -saving.


(4) In addition, most constant temperature shower also has the additional functions that ordinary shower do not have: such as key switching, anti -scalding platform, etc.


2. Disadvantages of thermostatic shower


(1) The price is relatively higher. For shower, you can learn about the price. If you buy ordinary shower, you may buy one in a few hundred yuan. However, if you buy a good quality thermostat, you will basically reach thousands of yuan. Therefore, the price of constant temperature shower may be a lot higher than ordinary shower.


(2) The impact of water pressure is relatively large. This is mainly for the water pressure in our home. If the water pressure is too small or the hot and cold water pressure at home is too large, the constant temperature shower will be automatically protected. After this protection occurs, the shower will stop the water. Compared with traditional shower, this is a disadvantage, but it is also based on its safety perspective.


(3) There are certain requirements for water quality. Like our traditional shower, no matter what kind of water quality can be used. After using it for a while, you will find that the spray head of the shower is slowly blocked. However, for the constant temperature shower, if the water quality is too poor, it will affect the operation of some thermist original items for a long time, which will cause the constant temperature shower to fail. Therefore, the requirements for water quality for constant temperature shower are actually much higher than the water quality requirements of traditional shower.


Although the constant temperature shower is not perfect, in general, constant temperature shower is better than ordinary shower experience and is more popular with the public market.

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