The advantage of long strip floor drain

The choice of bathroom floor drain is very important. We can choose from the aspects of face value, drainage effect, convenient cleaning, deodorization and other aspects.



1. High face value


Traditional square floor drains, sometimes need to cut bricks into back shape to destroy the unity of the ground. The rectangular floor drain is generally high with the floor tiles. The ground is good, beautiful, and very atmospheric.


Put the ground leaks on the corner of the corner, beautifully beautiful; you can also put ground leaks on the boundary line of the wet and dry areas. It is said that the drainage effect is very powerful.


2. Good drainage effect


Compared with the traditional square floor drain, rectangular ground leakage drainage effect is better, which is the experience of many users. First of all, the rectangular ground leakage is large, and the same water volume is obvious through the drainage effect of rectangular floor drain and square floor drain.


However, some people questioned: The water pipeline is the same thickness, and the drainage effect can be different? I just want to say that when bathing normally, the water output of the shower must be less than the drainage of the floor drain, so the problem that these friends are worried about does not exist. Unless you bring the pot of water to the ground leak, the instant water volume will be so large that the amount of water will be large enough stay home.


Secondly, the drainage effect is very related to the slope of the ground. The rectangular ground leakage can be biased aside to the side during construction.


3. Rectangular ground leaks are easy to clean up


Traditional small square leaks are always easy to stuck with small dirty things on the hair, and it is always scared away from a group of people. The rectangular floor drain can make the surface smooth, use a magic broom, or wipe it clean.


Moreover, the surface filter layer can be easily disassembled. There is also a layer of filter inside the sink. The floor drain is not easy to block, and it is much simpler to clean.

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