Skills of purchasing kitchen cabinets

Cabinet is an important part of the kitchen. It is very important to buy good cabinets. The cabinet occupies a pivotal role in the kitchen and has both the function of storage and operation. Therefore, it is crucial to the kitchen space. But how should the cabinets choose?


kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets


First of all, we will understand that there are several types of cabinets. The cabinets are mainly divided into three categories: hanging cabinets, floor cabinets, and special cabinets. The main functions of cabinets include storage, cooking and cooking. The function, but the floor cabinet often also has a washing cabinet, a stove cabinet and a cooking cabinet. Special cabinets are usually used to solve special problems in the kitchen, such as corner cabinets.


1. Cabinet is not too cheap, environmental protection is still important. The cabinets are relatively large, and the kitchen environment is humid and humid, which is easy to release formaldehyde. Therefore, choose good products.


2. If you want the sense of shape of the wood, but you are not willing to spend money. If you rarely boil the rice, you can choose to suck in the log instead of logs. It is economically affordable and you can have the shape you need.


3. If the funds are limited and often get off the kitchen, choose double -faced products, durable and practical.


4. The cabinet door and the edge bar are more durable.


5. Any size error in the production process will be manifested on the door panel. The door panels produced by professional large manufacturers are vertically vertically, and the gap between the door is uniform. For the cabinets produced by small factories, the door panels will have uneven door seams, uneven gaps, and large and small.


6. There are 3 kinds of practical pull baskets, 1 kind of bowl, one put in a pot, a seasoning basket.


7. It is best not to connect to the door panel because it may cause the door panel to deform.


8. The more the drawer is not as good as possible, and most of the drawers are not placed reasonably. You can consider adding small partitions to the drawer, and you can put more.


9. The use of the cabinet top cabinet is not very useful. It is not convenient to get it. It can be changed to a cabinet with a pass.


10. The glass cabinet door is not recommended, so as not to expose the bottle and cans, which affects the overall beauty. If you really want to use it, you can choose to bring flowers or frosted.


11. The cabinet door panel should use high -molecular products. The solid wood is the most expensive, the two decorative surfaces are the cheapest, the life span of the suction products is short, and the piano paint is afraid of scratching.


12. The best choice of quartz stone countertops is often used, which is not only durable, but also resistant. Artificial stone is the most dirty


13. Stainless steel pressure flower countertops are not easy to scratches on the countertop.


14. To use a better hardware nail cabinet, the cabinet particle board should not be repeatedly nail.


15. The cabinet door handle can be larger, consider the use of wet hands or oil hands


16. Reserve space for placing rice, noodles, oil, miscellaneous grains and other items.


17. It is recommended that the waterproof aluminum foil should be pasted under the basin cabinet.


18. The effect of side smoke is the best, better than ordinary or European hood smoking smoking effect


19. It is better to get as close as possible to the stove when installing the side smoke.


20. The countertop can be selected according to your own needs, but the priority is to consider white quartz stone.


21. Do not glue between the stove and panel to check.


22. The surface of the side smoke and the exhaust pipes should be fixed with glue.


23. The side smoke should be cleaned frequently, which can greatly reduce the oil absorption in the fan


24. When an ordinary or European range hood, install a stainless steel plate at a place near the tile near the stove to clean it in the future.


25. Try not to choose a range hood with the top cabinet.

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