Kitchen sink procurement skills

Everyone’s cooking room has a sink, which is our good helper. A good quality sink is not only very beautiful and fashionable, but also very humane design, which can reduce the burden on housework for the housewives. So how to buy the kitchen sink? Today, I will share with you the skills of buying the kitchen sink to buy and give you a reference!



1. How to buy the kitchen sink


When you choose the sink, you must first look at the material. The quality of the raw materials directly determines the quality of the sink. Nowadays, most of the sinks in the mall are stainless steel. The common stainless steel models are 304#Material stainless steel, 202#material stainless steel, 201#material stainless steel, the biggest difference in these materials is the difference in corrosion resistance, 304 is the best, 202 is slightly worse, 202 is slightly worse In 201, of course, the price difference is also huge. Therefore, consumers must consult the merchant clearly and be careful when they buy it. It is best to have a manufacturer’s warranty book. Note that the sinks of the SUS304 are usually marked.


2. How to buy the kitchen sink


Nowadays, the level of stainless steel sink technology has been greatly improved. According to the different process, we can simply divide it into 1. Pearl silver surface, 2, scrub drawing surface, 3. silk surface, 4, polishing mirror surface.


The above four techniques have their own strengths. Among them, pearl silver surfaces are the most popular. Its craftsmanship uses sandblating on its surface, and then chemically treated with chemical surface treatment. The surface is luxurious and long -lasting. The surface of the silk has gradually become popular. The characteristics are the advantages of the scrubbing process and the advantages of polishing mirror. The performance is delicate and the silk is like satin.


3. How to buy the kitchen sink


At present, the sink structures in the mall are also different. Common ones are single pot sinks, double pot sinks, three pots of water tanks, and wing -shaped sinks. Everyone should choose according to the area of the kitchen and the habit of use. The editor believes that the double pot type is the most practical. Generally, it is mostly the mother -in -law double pot, which is a main basin and an auxiliary basin.


4. How to buy the kitchen sink


Many people often pay attention to the appearance of the product when buying a sink, and ignore its substantial functions. For example, the water sink’s water removal device, don’t underestimate this water -removing device, it is a very critical part in the sink configuration. The price of the sink is also very large. Other sewer contains automatic water -launching devices, but the function is not necessarily good. It is convenient to start. It may occur for a long time!


5 How to buy the kitchen sink


In addition to paying attention to the above, everyone should also check the thickness of the sink. Generally speaking, the thicker the thickness of the sink, the better its quality, and it is not easy to deform. Because the sink has been processed on the edge, it is difficult to see the thickness at once. The easiest way: press the surface of the sink slightly. If you press it, it means that the material is very thin. Of course It’s so troublesome.

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