Purchasing skills in bedroom beds

The choice of beds largely determines whether your rest in the bedroom is comfortable, and it also directly affects your personal life, so the importance of beds is self -evident.


bedroom beds

bedroom beds

1. Material


The materials of the beds now have a variety of materials. There are solid wood beds, cortex, plate beds, etc. Among them, solid wooden beds are the most environmentally friendly. They use natural wood as materials. As long as the paint is environmentally available, it will not cause any pollution.


The cortex is closer to the body curve design, which can bring a good sleeping experience, but it requires regular maintenance to maintain a smooth touch, otherwise it will easily crack and deform.


2. Style


The style of the bed should be unified with the interior decoration style, so as to bring good decorative effects.


If the indoor is a European -style decoration, it is paired with a European -style iron bed; if it is a Nordic style decoration, it can be paired with IKEA high box; if it is Chinese -style decoration, it is most suitable with solid wood bed.


3. Stability


When you choose the solid wood bed, you depend on whether it is connected by a mortise, because this connection method can ensure the stability of the bed.


In addition, in areas with large partial load bearing, screws and protective blocks are also used to reinforce. If you find that the bed is only fixed with screws, it is best not to buy.


In addition, you can roll back and forth several times on the bed, and listen to the creaking sound of the bed. If so, it means that the stability of the bed is not good. It is not recommended to buy it.


4. Size


When you choose the bed, you have to consider the size of the bed. Only a suitable bed can bring a good sleep experience.


In general, consumers can determine the size of the bed in combination with the age and bedroom area of the user.


The height of the bed determines the comfort of your sitting on the bed. Too high or too low may cause inconvenience to get out of bed. Usually, the best height of the bed remains at about 0.5m, and it is almost flat with the stool.


5. Storage ability


The bed is not just a tool for sleeping, but it also assumes the role of storage. A storage bed with a drawer can be used to store small objects such as clothes, dolls, socks.


The interior of the Tira bed has a large storage space, which is used to store the quilt. The tatami bed has both the value and the storage. It is a necessary storage artifact for small units.

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