Pay attention to the shower room

How to choose a good shower room is very important. Shower rooms can not only bring convenience to us, but also have the effect of wet and wet separation. There may be hidden safety hazards in shower rooms with poor quality.



1. The glass material of the shower room is tempered glass with a thickness of 6-10mm. Ordinary glass is too thin, and the steel with poor quality is prone to occur.


2. The skeleton of the shower room is aluminum alloy, which is generally not easy to deform with a thickness of more than 5mm.


3. The rolling bearing of the shower room should be flexible, so that the opening of the door is convenient and lightweight, and the hand feels good.The sealing bar of the shower room should not have a breakpoint at the club. The sealing bar between the glass doors should be magnetic, and the waterproof performance will be better.


4. The chassis of the overall shower room is divided into two types: high and low pot. With a cylinder type, it is suitable for families with elderly people or children in the family.


5. Pushing the pull -up shower room. The sliding rail of the sliding door is easy to accumulate or fall into hard objects. It is not easy to clean up.

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