Pay attention to buying shoe cabinets

The shoe cabinet is a cabinet to store shoes. If you want to store the shoes well, you need to know how to choose the shoe cabinet. How to choose the shoe cabinet? What should the shoe cabinet pay attention to during the storage process?



How to choose the shoe cabinet is reasonable


1. When buying the shoe cabinet, try to buy the middle of the shoe cabinet.


Maybe everyone does not understand the intention of staying in the blank, but it is actually an extension of the shoe cabinet. This excess space can not only play a role in decorative, but also play the role of storage of other extra accessories. Like our usual key, circle, shoe oil, brush, etc., we can put it in this vacant position. If you don’t want to put this small accessory, and you can put your bag if you have a bigger space. In short, its existence is much more convenient than cabinets without free places.


2. When choosing the shoe cabinet, buy according to the type of shoes you love to wear.


Maybe everyone also found that there are two different designs inside the shoe cabinet, one is a straight partition, and the other is the oblique partition. For families who like to wear flat shoes, slash is a good choice. It saves the width of the shoe cabinet to a certain extent, which is more conducive to saving the area. If you buy this design shoe cabinet, the width can be between 27-30cm. For women who like to wear high heels or thick -soled shoes, straight partitions are the best choices. After all, if it is a slanting barrier, it will hinder the storage of high heels. For this design shoe cabinet, the editor recommends that the width is between 30-33cm.

3. For the choice of the distance between the shoe cabinet, this is also determined by the type of the shoe.


Generally speaking, 13-15cm per layer is enough. After all, women’s heel height is probably between 5-12cm, so the range of this partition is enough. Moreover, too far away from Xiangjia will affect the number of shoes to accommodate the shoes, and it is easy to cause space waste.


4. Regarding the length of purchase of the shoe cabinet, we try to measure the general width of the shoes in the home to avoid the order of the shoes on each floor of the shoe cabinet.


Generally, we design shoes are based on a layer of 3-4 pairs of shoes, so the length is between 60-80cm. Here, you must be counted by the distance between each pair of shoes, and try to avoid waste in space.


5. The choice of shoe cabinet type. The types of shoe cabinets can be divided into three categories. The first: enter the wall cabinet.


This kind of shoe cabinet is generally invited by carpenter at home. The biggest advantage of this shoe cabinet is that it does not take up the place. It is also very convenient to mop the shoes in the door. The cost is relatively low. The price is relatively low in price. Good choice.


The second is the wall cabinet. This kind of shoe cabinet is generally installed in the transition zone between the living room and the restaurant. Its advantages are also obvious, do not occupy positions, and play a barrier role. It is also a very good choice to separate the two spaces. The third is the porch cabinet. The prominent advantage of this shoe cabinet is that it can be more personalized. It is generally installed in the wall directly across the door. We can decorate above the shoe cabinet to add personal colors.


Pay attention to the problem of shoe cabinet storage



1. The shoe cabinet is made into a top -up style, and the storage is doubled.


Dingtianli -style shoe cabinet makes full use of space, put the shoe on the top, and the shoe of the season below to accommodate more, and don’t worry about the top blog ash for easy cleaning.


2. Shoe cabinets are divided into men and women


Men and women’s shoes are very different. Partitions are not only easy to find shoes, save time, but also use space more reasonably.


3. Use the activity layer, do not uniformly height.


Note that according to the height of the shoes (high heels, flat shoes, boots, etc.), it is best to do the activity plate. If you make a fixed layer board, remember to design the height first.


4. Deep in the shoes


The shoes must be designed according to the person with the biggest shoes at home, otherwise the cabinets will not be put, and the shoes can only be placed outside.


It can be seen that the selection of shoe cabinets should pay attention to buy as much as possible in the middle of the shoe cabinet, purchase according to the types of shoes you love to wear, determine according to the type of shoes, choose the appropriate shoes type, etc. At the same time, you need to pay attention to depth during the storage process. You need to pay attention to depth. , Men and women’s partitions, etc.

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