Mattress purchase skills and precautions

Mattress is good and disadvantaged, and it is directly related to sleep quality. The mattresses on the market look similar, and often take the banner of “new technology” and “black technology”. How can I choose one that suits them? The following methods can be tried to distinguish the quality of the mattress.



1. “Look” with your eyes.


A good -quality mattress will definitely not be defective in appearance. You can see if the mattress is thick and uniform, whether the surroundings are straight and straight, whether the surface of the pad is well covered, whether the fabric printing and dyeing pattern is uniform, and whether the sewing needle wire is broken, jumping needle, floating wire and other defects. Qualified mattresses have product names, registered trademarks, manufacturing companies names, factories, and contact numbers in the logo, and some also have qualified proof and reputation cards. If not, it is basically fake and shoddy products.


2. It is “pressing” hard.


Try the mattress with your hand, you should have a sense of soft and hard, and have a certain amount of elasticity. This is to test whether the compression capacity of the mattress is balanced and whether the internal filling is even. If there is unevenness, the quality of the spring steel wire of the mattress is poor.


3. “Listen” with your ears.


Take a look at the mattress with your hands and listen to the sound of the spring. If a uniform spring sounds are emitted, the elasticity of the spring is better, and the force is even more uniform during sleep. If the sound of “creaking” is made, it means that the spring is not only poor, but also a rust or inferior product.


4. Check it with your hands.


Some mattresses have a mesh opening or zipper device on the edge of the mattress, which can directly open to check whether the internal spring is rusty, especially the addition of the auxiliary materials. This step is very necessary to prevent buying black cotton mattresses.


5. “smell” with the nose.


When buying a mattress, smell a pungent chemical smell with your nose. The quality mattress is scattered with fresh smell of natural textiles.


The mattress not only has good quality, but also choose one that suits you, which requires three points.


1. According to age levels.


When buying a mattress, you must fully consider the age of the user, and the requirements for the mattress in different ages are also different. For example, the elderly’s muscle and ligament elasticity have decreased, which is more suitable for sleeping hard mattresses. The too soft bed cannot support the spine and it is difficult to get up. Adults with poor spine are also suitable for a slightly hard mattress. The mattress of infants and young children is recommended to choose a solid and elastic medium soft mattress. Adults with good health can choose according to personal preferences. If they are comfortable, they can be softer.


2. According to sleep habits.


Everyone’s sleep habits are different, and the hard and hard flexibility of the mattress is different. Those who like to lie on the side should keep the spine straight, so that the shoulders and hips should be trapped in it. It is recommended to choose a partition mattress. This mattress uses different springs to form different sinking degrees according to different stress areas such as head, neck, shoulders, waist, and vertebral tails. Those who often lie back and fall down should choose a bit harder mattress. Because the neck and waist need to be supported by hard mattresses when lying on the back and lying down, the neck and waist can reach a comfortable state.


3. According to the characteristics of the body.


Generally speaking, those with lighter weight are suitable for sleeping softer beds, and too hard mattresses cannot balance all the body parts; those fat are suitable for bed with harder sleeping.

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