Kitchen faucet three functions to make life more convenient

Food cleaning, cleaning pots and pans before and after meals, organizing, almost all household chores can not be done without the help of kitchen faucets and sinks. Combined with their own personal experience, to tell you some tips.


1、Sensing water


When cooking in the kitchen, hands will inevitably get ingredients or sauces. If the hands in contact with the food directly touch the faucet adjustment switch, the faucet will become bad cleaning. In the long run, it is easy to deposit dirt on it, which affects both the beauty and is not conducive to hygiene. Induction faucet eliminates the trouble of touch control, water control freely, clean, faucet life will also be longer.



2, hose pumping and washing


Hose pumping this function is still very convenient and practical. Traditional faucet is fixed, can not freely adjust the water position. Faucet with hose extraction can be pulled at will, cleaning large pots and pans and sinks more convenient, but also free to receive water, save the trouble of receiving water containers end to end, free your hands.



3、Healthy material


The best choice of food-grade liquid silicone spout, easy to clean, a rub on the net, and not easy to age, can be used with confidence. Metal parts are best to choose low lead and copper content, reduce the content of heavy metals in the water, in the daily little by little to guard the health of the whole family.


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