How to purchase a suitable crib

The crib can be used as a small world for the baby’s safe activity. When the parents are busy, they can put the baby on the crib to allow the baby to move. The fence around the crib can avoid the baby falling. You can also cultivate your baby’s good habit of sleeping independently.



1. Safety issues


Safety should always be considered first, and cribs must meet strict safety standards. Before buying, you must ask the merchant to show the relevant inspection reports, certificates, etc.


2. The details of the bed body


It is best to use solid wood in all parts of the bed, and all parts should be polished to make the surface of the bed smooth and round, so as not to scratch the baby or hook the baby’s clothing due to angular corners; The connection holes should be closely connected; all hardware must be treated with anti -corrosion and rust.


3. Bed margin fence design


The design of the guardrail should be used to use the cylindrical guardrail as much as possible, so that the baby can effectively disperse the power of the baby’s hand when holding the guardrail and reduce discomfort.


4. The protective layer on the surface of the crib


Because the babies who have long teeth will be a bit itchy when they have teeth, they like to bite things and stuff things with their mouths. Therefore, the bilateral crossbars of the bed edge must be equipped with non -toxic materials and intensity.


5. The height of the guardrail


Because the baby grows faster when he is young, try to choose a crib that can adjust the height. Now the mainstream is the three -gear -adjusted crib, so as to ensure that the baby can use it in various periods.


6. The bed foot can slide the foot wheel design


Try to choose a crib with wheels on the foot of the bed, so as to move the crib to better take care of the baby. It is worth noting that braking devices must be installed on the wheels.


7, card position lock problem


After choosing a stamp that can adjust the height of the fence, you must pay attention to see if there are any protective measures to prevent our great baby from adjusting the railing by itself and danger, so the card position is important.


8. Cravidine decoration


The design of the crib is better in cartoons. Babies also like it. Do not stick too fancy patterns on the bed. First, the babies will feel tired for a long time. You can choose a genuine crib, pure natural, and no harmful substances harm your baby’s health.


9. Structure is firm


The bed body should be firm and can be connected very well. It is best to have screws such as fixation. Not only the type of bayonet is the same. Pay attention to the details. The hardware and other hardware parts such as screws should take precautionary measures to prevent the baby from hurting the baby. Try to choose the thick plate of solid wood. The baby will learn to jump a little older, and you must bear the destructive power. Also check the connection of the crib.


10. Material safety table standard


From the perspective of safety and environmental performance, only the full-solid wooden bed can truly completely solve the worries of parents-give the baby’s healthy and safe sleep environment.


11. Structural security


The bearing capacity of the bedboard is not less than 30kg: The average weight of a three -year -old baby is 20.5kg; the connection between the bedboard and the bed body needs to ensure firmness and stable structure.


12. Installation of cribs


Pay attention to whether the connection hole between the bedboard is tight, and the accurate hole position makes the bed assembly easier. It is more convenient to use the operation, and it can better reflect whether the workmanship of a bed is fine.


13. Hardware accessories are safe


The hardware accessories used in the crib are: bed hooks, various specifications of hexagonal bolts in the black flat garden, and galvanized plains in the hexagonal bolts. You must choose environmentally friendly hardware accessories that meet the safety standards. Buy manufacturers who can provide hardware accessories test reports.

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