Hotel engineering mattress selection

The hotel is a place of rest. It is a large degree of sleep quality to judge the quality of a hotel. A good mattress will add points to the hotel’s service. How to choose the right hotel mattress?



1. Elasticity of the mattress


In order to determine whether the elasticity of the mattress is high -quality, you can use the knee to press the bed surface, or sit at the corner of the bed to try whether the compressed mattress can quickly restore the original state. A good elastic mattress can restore the original shape immediately after pressure.


2. Mattress material


Latex mattresses are generally highly flexible and can meet the needs of people with different weights. Its good support can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleeping people. And there is no noise and vibration, which effectively improves sleep quality. In addition, there are some spring mattresses. It is recommended to choose some good breathability mattresses.


3. Pay attention


When buying a mattress, the touch of the hand is not enough to identify the quality of the mattress. The reliable recognition method is to lie down to the left and right. A good mattress is absolutely not uneven, and the edge of the bed sinks or moves lining. When you lie on the mattress and try to sleep, a good mattress can keep the spine stretch naturally, completely fit your shoulders, waist and hips without any gaps.


In fact, it is important to follow the different positioning of the hotel or the appropriate mattress of the crowd, which can not only ensure and match the quality and comfort of the mattress purchased by the hotel, but also highlight the differentiation of the hotel, thereby improving the hotel’s market competition Power and improve customer experience services.

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