Faucet Knowledge, maintenance, purchasing

Water is the source of life. In our lives, we are inseparable from the water removal tool, because the faucet directly contacts the water. A good faucet can directly affect our physical health. You can choose a healthy faucet.



1. Water faucet material


Stainless steel faucet: stainless steel water faucet does not contain lead, and it is acid -resistant, alkaline -resistant, non -corrosive, non -release of harmful substances, and does not pollute the water source. The surface of the stainless steel faucet does not need to be plated on the surface. It only needs to be polished to show its stainless steel.


Full copper water faucet: Pure copper water faucet is all -copper refined, chrome -plated on the surface, high gloss, and high resistance to corrosion resistance. It is mainly based on its own copper content and technology to distinguish the quality of quality.


Plastic water faucet: Plastic water faucet is rich in color, large -volume of molds, and compared to other materials, the safety is higher, and ABS plastic is used for production and processing. But unconventional and short life.


Alloy water faucet: The price of alloy faucets is much lower than the all -bronze water faucet, and this faucet is more likely to produce large -scale production. Among them, zinc alloy is used in large quantities, zinc alloy faucets are harmful to the human body and are not durable.


Farming of ceramic water: The tap of ceramic water has the advantages of non -rust, no oxidation, and not easy to wear. The appearance of ceramic water faucet is beautiful and generous, because the shell is also a ceramic product.


2.Faucet valve core


Ceramic valve core: The aging resistance, wear resistance, and no maintenance of ceramic valve cores ensure the stability of operation, save maintenance costs and labor intensity, etc. The characteristics of non -corrosion make the faucet is not easy to leak droplets, and it has reached the environmental protection session. The purpose of water.


Stainless steel valve core: long life, sensitivity and repair. The biggest advantage is that the water quality is not high, and the valve core can be disassembled and cleaned. It is very convenient to disassemble the disassembly.


Rolling axis valve core: The hand is smooth, the operation is easy, the feel is comfortable and easy, and it is resistant to aging and abrasion.


3. How to open the water faucet


Spiral water faucet: It is necessary to rotate a lot of circle, which is more troublesome to use. Generally, in order to save water, people will turn off the faucet when rubbing their hands with water washing, and they will cause trouble when they are opened.


Lift the tap of water: Just lift it up to get out of the water. The angle size of the opening can be controlled to control the flow, which is convenient for hygiene.


Sensing faucet: As long as you put your hand under the faucet, the water will be automatically out of the water, but the response is slow. Easy to use, both hygienic and water saving.


Witch Water faucet: Generally, it only needs to rotate 90 degrees, and the size of the opening angle can be used to control the water flow. Turn off the water and turn off the water and it is very convenient and clean.


4. Type of water faucet structure


Single -type water faucet: refers to one of the cold water pipes or hot water pipes.


Scope of use: single -cold noodle water faucet and single -cold vegetable pot faucet.


Double -connected water faucet: refers to two in one -in -one, which is two water inlet pipes in cold and cold water at the same time.


Scope of use: mixed water tap and kitchen mixed water faucet.


Three -colored faucet: refers to the two -in -two and two outlets, which means that in addition to the two water pipes of cold and cold water, you can also connect the shower head.


Scope of use: bathtub water faucet.


5. Water faucet application space


Basin faucet: The faucet of the basin mainly refers to the faucet used on the face washing, the faucet used on the handwashing table is mostly used in the bathroom. Basin faucet is divided into: wall -hanging faucet and sitting faucet according to the installation method.


Sink faucet: The faucet of the sink can be said to be the core equipment of our kitchen, which is the heart of our kitchen. If there is no amount of equipment such as the sink faucet, then our kitchen will become bad.


Shower water faucet: Showering faucet, is the water -leaving door of the tap water pipe. Open or turn off the bathroom device that controls the cold water flow through the rotation device. Show is an indispensable part of bathroom sanitary ware.


Bathton water faucet: Bathton shower faucet refers to a bathroom facility that is mixed with hot and cold water installed on the bathtub or in the bathroom to control the size of the water during bathing. It is packed above the bathtub to open the hot and cold mixed water.


In addition, there are faucets and mop pond water faucets.


6.The main point of buying the faucet


Style: The faucet used in home decoration is mainly bathroom faucet, basin faucet, and kitchen faucet. Select the faucet according to the basin style and use space;


Appearance: Betting on light and non -bubbles, flawless points, and no scratches as qualified standards. The imported water faucet has more than 10 micron -plated layers of micron, the purpose is to prevent rust, beautiful, and guarantee the period of use;


Zero matching: The main accessories of the general basin faucet are the water removal, the lift rod and the faucet fixed bolt, and the fixed copper slices and pads;


Valve core: The steel ball valve is solid and durable, and the pressure resistance capacity is good. The rubber ring with dense sealing effect is easy to lose, and it is easy to get aging. The ceramic valve has good sealing performance, and it can be more comfortable and smooth in the feel;


Material: The faucet is made of copper. Copper has a bactericidal and disinfection effect. However, the quality of copper is difficult to identify. It is best to buy a certain brand product with a certain reputation.


7. Water faucet purchase attention


Look at the surface: Pay attention to the surface of the surface, touch the burrs, no holes, and oxide spots. The smoother the surface, the better the quality;


Turn the handle: When the faucet is rotating the handle, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it is easy to open and not to slip;


Listening to the sound: The faucet is the overall cast copper, and the sound is dull; if the sound is crispy, it must be stainless steel;


Cognitive mark: identify product mark. Generally, regular products have brand logos of manufacturers in order to identify and prevent counterfeiting;


Check parts: The valve body and handle of the good faucet are all made of brass precision, which is more heavy and has a sense of weight.


8. Water faucet purchase misunderstanding


Sensing faucet is the most water -saving: induced water faucet not only has a small amount of water, high price, but also high maintenance costs. Family use induction faucet, which is not practical.


The smaller the traffic, the more water saving: the water saving standard is the water saving standard, and the traffic is too large and the traffic is not conducive to water saving. Sometimes the flow of the faucet is too small, which may be a problem with the faucet valve, or the slag is blocked, and should be cleaned or replaced in time.


Watering device water faucet is water -saving in any situation: The role of the starter is to increase the amount of bubbles in the water and reduce the amount of water out;


The faucet has a hot and cold temperature adjustment: the dragon head and the hot and cold temperature adjustment function must have two hot and cold water pipes and ceramic valve cores to achieve.


Selecting a faucet does not need to consider the basin: After many consumers installed the pots, they did not notice that the basin was high. The faucet needs to be installed on the basin. When purchasing, the actual situation of the basin should be considered.


The faucet and the water pipe are connected without angle valve: Any hot and cold head must use the angle valve to connect with the water pipe. Each hot and cold head requires two corner valves to match it.


Step of water faucet repair steps


Step 1: Turn off the water inlet valve. Remove the small screws on or behind the faucet to remove the handle fixed on the main body of the faucet.


Step 2: Remove the handle and check the faucet. Use a large carp tong or a adjustable wrench to remove the secret nut, be careful not to leave scratches on the metal. Rotate the valve core or axis that rotates when the faucet is turned on to twist them.


Step 3:Remove the screws of the fixed cushion.


Step 4:Replace the old cushion with a completely the same new cushion ring. The new cushion that is almost fully matched with the old cushion can generally make the faucet no longer dripping. You also have to notice whether the old cushion has a slope or flat, and replace it with the same new cushion. The pads designed for cold water will expand severe expansion when the hot water flows too much to block the outlet, making the hot water flow slower. Some pads can work in hot and cold water, but you have to determine that the pads you buy for replacement are exactly the same as the original.


Step 5:Fix the new cushion to the valve core, and then reintegrate the parts in the faucet. Clockwise

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