Excellent kitchen faucet can improve the quality of life

Due to the particularity of the kitchen faucet, the quality of the faucet has higher quality requirements than other faucets. The kitchen faucet must have excellent anti -pollution resistance, and it is easy to clean up to the kitchen work.



The three major points of buying the faucet of the kitchen


1. Duration


To choose a durable kitchen faucet, it should start with its own material. The body of the high -end kitchen faucet is made of high purity. The kitchen faucet made of brass has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and good texture.


If you want to use a long -term use of water without leaking water, you must have a high -quality ceramic valve core. The ceramic valve core has the advantages of good sealing, smooth and environmentally friendly ceramics, and solid durability. It is a high -grade faucet must be configured.


It also affects the lord surface of the kitchen faucet. The process of the plating layer has a profound impact on the faucet. Excellent coating can protect the corrosion of oil fume or oil stain on the faucet, and it is easy to clean.


2. Environmental protection


The environmental protection index is a high consideration for the kitchen faucet. We all know that the brass of the manufacturing faucet itself contains lead. How to remove or reduce the content of lead in the manufacturing process is one and its important process.


3. Convenience


In order to meet the use of special places in the kitchen, in addition to the need for excellent quality assurance, the kitchen faucet also needs to consider whether the faucet can meet the needs of the use. Choose the height of the faucet and the length of the water mouth. Good matching.

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