Dining table and chair procurement skills

Purchasing dining tables and chairs not only pay attention to practicality, but also consider its aesthetics, so that it can play a good decorative role in the restaurant space, so that the home appears more life. So how to buy dining tables and chairs? Are there any skills to refer to?



Buying tips 1. Select according to the dining area


The size of the dining table and chairs is large and small. Generally, it is necessary to choose according to the dining area of the restaurant. Avoid choosing small dining tables in large restaurants, or small restaurants to choose large dining tables. The common shapes are two types: circular and rectangular. The size of the round dining table is calculated in diameter, which can increase 150 mm. Small and medium -sized houses are suitable for choosing a round table with a diameter of 1140 mm. Calculated with Kuan Lai, the size of the table commonly used in many families is 1070 mm × 760 mm. When people are young, they are placed against the wall on one side of the table. For a long time, they can be pulled out for 4-6 people to eat at the same time. However, the specific size of the dining table depends on the size of your own restaurant. Usually, you can choose according to the standard size on the market. The size of the dining chair can not be considered, and it is generally supported by the table.


Buying skills 2. See the number of daily daily meals to choose


In addition to considering the size of the dining table and chairs, you should also pay attention to the number of daily meals at home. The dining tables and chairs include four -seater, six -seater, eight -seater, etc. The three -mouth home is suitable for buying four -seater dining tables and chairs. If If you live with your parents, you can consider buying a six -seater dining table and chair, which is enough for daily use. If there are guests in the family, the number of people who usually dine, you can buy a few sets of stools, which are not only economical and durable, but not to occupy space together when not in use. It is very good to use with dining chairs. In addition, there is a telescopic dining table and a foldable dining table. The appearance is both stylish and space -saving, and it is available for multiple people to dine at the same time. It is a wise choice to buy such a dining table!


Buy skills 3. Pay attention to the style of the dining table and chair


The dining tables and chairs on the market have different styles and styles. Everyone must pay attention when buying. You ca n’t blindly choose with your personal preference. You must design it with your home improvement style and choose the same style dining tables and chairs. In this way, the home decoration can seem coordinated and beautiful, otherwise the incompatible feeling will be awkward. For example, home improvement is a simple style, so it is best to consider the simple style of the dining table and chairs. The style should be simple and generous, and the table and chairs cannot be selected. If the table and chairs need to be covered with a tablecloth, everyone should pay attention to the color and pattern of the tablecloth, and everything is based on the home improvement style.


Buying skills 4. Choose the material of the dining table and chairs


There are many materials for the dining table. In addition to common wood, there are marble, steel, glass, volcanic stone and other materials. Different tables of different materials have their own characteristics, and the decorative sense of decoration is also different. Most of the dining chairs are woody, as well as leather, fabric, plastic material, etc., which are usually supported by the dining table. Based on their own decoration style, the color, material, style, etc. of the dining table and chairs are closely related, and they are well -related.


Buying Tips 5. Consider Easy Cleanability


Because the dining table and chairs are one of the furniture that must be used every day, it is best to consider its easy cleaning when buying. Whether the dining table and chairs are easy to clean, it mainly depends on the material. For example, the solid wood table has a natural wood grain and color. It is very beautiful and makes the home very texture, but it is usually worried about it. It will generally be used to prevent the desktop from being burned. Although so, you still need to clean the solid wood dining table regularly. You can use a slightly humid rag to wipe it. You can use diluted cleaning agents to wipe it with poor clean oil. Finally, wipe it with water. The maintenance wax is bright, and it can be seen that the solid wood dining table should pay attention to daily maintenance and cleanliness, so that it can be used for longer.


The glass dining table is loved by everyone, but the glass is fragile, so be careful when using it to avoid moving back and forth. If you place items, pay attention to putting it lightly to avoid damaging the glass desktop. Although it is fragmented, it is not afraid of water and easy to clean. It can be seen that the easy cleanliness of different materials is different, as is the dining chair. In short, if you want to use the dining table and chairs for a long time, you must pay attention to maintenance in daily life.

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