Difference between spa and massage bathtub

The spa pool is a product that is used for physical therapy, relaxed, and leisure. It can be used for leisure places such as bathroom supporting, sun room, basement, swimming pool, villa courtyard and other leisure places. The massage bathtub is limited to the bathroom supporting.


spa bathtub

Massage bathtub


Secondly, there is a significant difference in function and efficacy.


In terms of function:


1. SPA spa pool can automatically heat cold water to set temperature in advance, and can accurately maintain this temperature accurately. People are carefree and perform spa anytime, anywhere. More high -tech design can recycle the hot air generated by equipment operation and re -send it into the SPA spa pool through the nozzle. When used in other massage bathtubs, the cold air is inhaled to cool down the pool water. The effect of complete spa is not achieved.


2. The massage bathtub can achieve the massage through some spray heads of transmitted water and air. The sprayed flowing hot water can relax the muscles and help release the human body’s natural analgesic-Ney Peptide. In addition to maintaining the heat of the water, the spraying of water and the jet site are another major factors that determine the massage effect. The spraying force of the SPA spa is 5-10 times that of the massage bathtub. There are more than a dozen massage nozzles in different parts (refer to the functional system of the spa bathtub). This is not comparable to the massage bathtub


3. The cleaning and maintenance of bathtubs and water quality is a problem that the bathtub cannot be solved over the years. After each use of the massage bath, dirt is left on the surface, and it needs to be cleaned immediately. Massage bath tanks will produce bacteria without using the duct and equipment in the pipeline and equipment. When you use it next time, the bacteria will enter the massage bathtub through the nozzle, invading your skin and bringing harm. The unique comprehensive filtering and disinfection system of the SPA spa has completely solved this problem. It is composed of a fully automatic 100%unfinished filtering cycle; high -efficiency ozone disinfection; silver ions purification. With the use of special additives regularly, the water of the SPA spa pool will always be crystal.

4. The environmental protection of the SPA spa pool, energy saving is even more icing on the cake. The unique comprehensive filtering and disinfection system of the SPA spa is like a small water treatment purification plant, which can keep the crystal clear pond water for up to 6-12 months. High density, multi -layer, sealing insulation material for spa, ensure minimum energy consumption and noise. Multi -functional thermal covering plates provide precious calories and energy protection. The electricity costs that are basically running a day can be as low as 2-3 degrees, and the spa bathtub provides us with first-class enjoyment of low energy consumption.


The first use of a massage bath should be cleaned thoroughly


1. For families with large enough bathrooms, buying a massage bathtub is a good choice. The inside of the bathtub has a clustered spa spray nozzle. To accelerate blood circulation and active joints.


2. Although bathing in a massage bath is a kind of enjoyment, there are also some hidden health hazards hidden. Massage bathtubs are easy to breed bacteria, so cleaning the bathtub is very important. In this regard, Shen Jingxin, the manager of Anhua Sanitary Ware, said that the massage bathtub pipeline is prone to breed bacteria. It is best to clean it thoroughly before using it for the first time. The most important thing is to clean the pipeline.


3. Under normal circumstances, usually cleaning the cylinder body, the use of a neutral cleaner is better, the neutral cleaner is available in the building materials supermarket, and the price is relatively cheap. Avoid using a cleaner used for tiles or enamel surfaces. Do not use spray or concentrated agent, because a strong cleaning agent will cause damage to the acrylic surface of the bathtub. It is also good to use soda powder to eliminate the dirt of the bathtub.

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