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Shower knowledge, maintenance, procurement

As a must -have product for bathroom bathing, choosing a good bathroom shower can make you have a higher quality of life. Now let’s learn the various knowledge of shower together. The shower, also known as the shower head, was originally a device for pouring flowers, potted plants and other plants. Later, someone was converted…

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How to choose the right bathroom shower

Many friends are hesitant to face dark bathroom shower and bright shower when they purchase shower. In fact, everything is beneficial and disadvantaged. Choose a product that suits you according to your actual situation!     The advantages of bright shower   The water supply hoses and accessories of bright shower are outside. If there…

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Bathroom shower common failures and repair methods

Bathroom shower, also known as the rosette, because of its uniform and delicate distribution of drainage holes, in the shower will play a role in washing the whole body, promote blood circulation, massage pores. If the shower in the bath when the water flow is large and small, hot and cold, how do we want…

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